In response to the global increase in racism stemming from the new coronavirus pandemic, 50 artists from Canada and France have joined forces. Using their pencils, they collectively denounce xenophobia and show their solidarity with Asian communities through their drawings and the hashtags #AsiansAreNotTheVirus and #LesAsiatiquesNeSontPasLeVirus.

Also on Instagram @provocateur.pencils, on Facebook with the event Illustrer contre la xénophobie and on the artists’ platforms.

This campaign aims to increase awareness and solidarity. Through social media, the campaign aims to eliminate xenophobia by transforming the collective imagination.

Racism toward people of Asian descent has intensified since the start of the new coronavirus pandemic: international leaders made defamatory statements about China and several press articles used the expression the “yellow peril”. In Quebec, people who look Asian suffered xenophobic attacks: verbal attacks, acts of vandalism towards certain businesses, threats and the stabbing of a Korean man in Montreal. More than 12% of the Montreal population is of Asian descent. Several members of this community expressed that they are no longer feeling safe in the city and sometimes do not dare to leave their homes.

We believe that acting collectively will allow us to respond intelligently to the challenges facing our society. We reject and oppose the scapegoating of any marginalized community, regardless of its cultural designation.


1Amélie TourangeauIllustration@amelietourangeau
2Anne CôtéIllustration@anne.cote.creation
3Annick GaudreaultIllustration@annickgaudreault_illustration
4Audrey Lise MalletArt@letempscourbe
5Aurélie GrandIllustration@grrrand
6BorisIllustration et murale@studioborrris
7Brandy WoodsArt@brandywoods.art
8Chloé Baillargeon (Khlö)Illustration@khloillustration
9Dimani Mathieu CassendoIllustration@dmcassendo
11Élodie DuhameauIllustration@elodie.duhameau
12Elody Sinniger (Studio ParciParla)Illustration@studioparciparla
13Emmanuelle DufourBande dessinée@vanupier
14FannyHHIllustration & graphisme@fannyhh1
16Frey dessineIllustration@freydessine
17Jean-Sébastien BérubéBande dessinée
18Johan PapinIllustration@johanpapin
19Julia IllustrationIllustration@julia_illustration
20Juliane CLBande dessinée@truitetruitetruite
21Julie RocheleauIllustration & Bande dessinée@julierocheleau
22Julien CastaniéIllustration@preums
23Julien PostureIllustration@julienposture
24Kim Renaud-VenneIllustration@kimrenaudvenne
25Laurence Dechassey (Loli)Illustration jeunesse@laurence_lolilou
26Lucie Le TouzeIllustration@elustratrice
27Marc LafonIllustration & graphisme@marclafondesign
28Mariana MorenoIllustration@moreguayabo
29Marie-Anne DubéIllustration@jaunepop
30Mathilde Cinq-MarsIllustration@mathildecinqmarsillustration
31Maxime De RoyIllustration & BD@_maximederoy
32Melyna PhanIllustration@mely_na
33Mona EliceryIllustration@monaelicery
34Morgane BernardIllustration@morganebernardfa
35Morgane StabIllustration & graphisme@morgane_stab
36Najomie CournoyerDesign graphique@najomie
37Navid MoghadamIllustration@navidad_glitchyscreen
38NoriKo RatopsIllustration@norikoratops
39Olivier LasserIllustration & graphisme d’édition@olivierlasser
40Pascale ConstantinIllustration@pascaleconstantin
41Pauline StiveIllustration@paulinestive_illustration
42Ravy PuthIllustration@ravy.illustration
43Rodrigo SoteroIllustration@rsotero
44Roland GarrigueIllustration@rolandgarrigue
45Romain LasserIllustration@romainlasserillustration
46Sammi ProulxArt@SammiProulx
47Sophie BenmouyalIllustration@sophiebenmouyal
48Sophie CassonIllustration@sophie.casson
49Sylvain CabotIllustration@sylvaincabot
50ValoupicheIllustration & BD@valouchpiche
51Veronic LyIllustration@veronic.ly
52Xenia Lucie AffelieIllustration@xenialucielaffely
53Yuna TroëlIllustration@yunatroel

We want to thank our supporters.

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